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Drive Coat

Lenses with anti-reflective coating include sharper vision with less glare when driving at night.

From headlights and street lamps to advertising billboards, the glare and reflections produced by city lights at night can impact our vision and cause discomfort. For urbanites, excessive exposure to these harsh light conditions is almost unavoidable. B’ Optique Lens reduces glare at night by up to 30% and is twice as effective as standard reflection free lens.

UV 420 Block

Produce clear lenses that block high energy light from the UV spectrum up to 420nm visible light.

We are all aware of the importance of applying sunblock to our skin to prevent sunburn. Those same harmful UV rays may have an impact on eye health, accelerate eye aging and may also contribute to a variety of severe eye conditions, including cataracts. B’ Optique Lens filters out 100% of damaging UV rays at 420nm, protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiation everyday and everywhere, thus reducing the risk of cataract.

Anti Blue Ray

Eliminating eye strain to help you sleep better.

Whether it is at work, learning or being entertained, we are exposed to harmful blue ray emitted from our digital devices. Unfortunately, the human eye is unable to filter out blue ray and virtually all visible blue ray passes through the cornea, reaching the retina. This can lead to eye strain, visual fatigue, head aches and sleeplessness. B’ Optique Lens controls and protects eyes from harmful blue ray.


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